ANGELINA ENVIRONMENTAL SPAIN, S.L. is a subsidiary of COVEX, S.A. and has a collaboration agreement with HUNAN ANGELINA ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Co., Ltd.

It was born with a spirit of service to industry and the environment, leading to the development of the following activities.

Waste treatment and management, wastewater treatment, developing new technologies that optimize processes, increasing their efficiency and taking care of the environment.

Engineering and Consulting Services aimed at developing new equipment for urban and industrial wastewater treatment.

Analysis and Laboratory Service, physical-chemical analysis of all kinds of substances, preparation of technical-scientific reports and issuance of certifications, for different sectors, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, environment.

Sale and Distribution of industrial and personal protective equipment.

Our partners

Covex S.A.

Company founded in 1977, its activity is focused on the manufacture of pharmaceutical active ingredients, Vincamine, Vinpocetine, Vinburnine and the manufacture of two pharmaceutical forms, Vinpocetine Covex 5mg and Vinpocetine Covex 10mg.

For the development of its activity, it has an Extraction Plant, three Organic Synthesis Plants, a Pharmaceutical Plant and a state-of-the-art laboratory, as well as a group of professionals with high qualifications and a lot of experience in both the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

Covex, S.A. It has the highest quality standards in the European market and is certified by the AEMPS as a manufacturer of active ingredients and a pharmaceutical laboratory, complying with GMP standards. Likewise, and associated with its commitment to the environment, the A.A.I. (Integrated Environmental Authorization).

Hunan Angelina Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.

It is located in Changsha, the capital of Hunan province. The company's core technical team has decades of practical experience in the fields of mineral smelting and processing, environmental protection and resource recovery, with successful results. Collaborating with many prestigious Universities and Research Institutions in Hunan.

The company specializes in providing general solutions and services for high-concentration wastewater treatment and resource recovery and utilization in mining, smelting, oilfields, the chemical, printing, pharmaceutical and other industrial fields, and providing strong momentum. for the improvement of the Environment worldwide and the sustainable development of the economy.